SENbit technology combining with digital asset exchange is based on block chain STO securitization system design of this new, safe and authoritative digital assets globalization SENbit trading platform, set up 51 super node voting on the new currency project, investor protection as the core, to ensure that the market fair, fair and transparent information, to protect the interests of the investors’ investment, enable “circuit breakers”.

The platform system features rich, powerful and practical. The unique full-interface quick recharge, withdrawal, currency charging, withdrawal and transaction system provides the most convenient means of digital asset transaction and account transfer for customer care. The company deeply ADAPTS to the free combination of various transaction modes, fully covers the needs of users, and automatically matches transactions with the exclusive block chain advanced algorithm. The proprietary risk control accounting mechanism in the background of the platform guarantees the fairness of user transactions, the exclusive multi-dimensional statement and the real traceable block chain technology ensure the capital security. Proprietary and powerful log management fully grasps the system state to ensure the stability and security of the system.

SENbit digital asset exchange, combined with the latest block chain technology, is changing the traditional trading system, connecting the digital world with the real world and creating a digital castle for the future.

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