Puff Nation LINE Theme

Puff Nation is originally founded in Vancouver in 2005 as an apparel company. Inspired by the Canadian multi-culture, the brand is considered a lifestyle project by a variety of the street’s defining traits from rock to hip-hop, skateboarding to surf. Puff Nation has expanded beyond apparel, to develop a broad range of products consisting electronic and everyday accessories, footwear collections, eyewear line, and extreme vehicles. The brand caters to the street, music, sports, and youth cultures at large. Puff Nation has a long line of collaborations with well-known brands worldwide such as New Era, 8-Style, Jansport, Kruzin, Warner Bros., One Piece, HRE Wheels, and Microsoft. The company is also involved in the promotion and sponsorship of underground recording artists, sports teams, and party/motorsport events. Puff Nation runs stores in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, China, Abu Dhabi, and also retails in Canada, USA, and Japan.


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