KCRAFT is a high quality manufacturer of bike frames, components, and accessories. Our mission is to provide you with a product that can bring you more joy and success in your everyday biking experience. We are pleased to produce and develop competitive products in overseas markets and co-operate our technology with other high-end bike retailers.

All of our products are produced with our customers in mind. Starting with design, prototypes and technology, the end result is met when we have a lifetime customer that has full confidence in our products. KCRAFT has developed a multi-function wheel-testing machine that ensures nothing but the highest quality product.

Whether you ride for a profession, transportation, or pleasure, we invite you to visit our booths at worldwide exhibitions and view our products online. Rest assured, you can find innovation, reliable manufacturing and business confidence with KCRAFT. Most importantly, we at KCRAFT hope you enjoy your bicycle ride to your fullest content.


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